6 tricks to change the direction of your career

Do you make a mistake in the race? Do not worry, you are part of the 40% of young Mexicans who regret having chosen the wrong profession. But we have good news for you; A change of course is possible and easy. We know some great ways that can transform your career and bring it closer to what you really want to do. Take note! 

1. GraduatesRelated image

Why not have a diploma in mind? They are not expensive as a career and they are a good way to learn in less time the things you now want to explore. Good universities offer graduates of whatever you want: finance, psychology, history, gastronomy, and many other things. For that, it reviews the diploma plans of the Ibero , ITAM , UNAM or the UP .

2. Write

Write it all; both for you, personally, as for others. A study conducted at the Dominican University of California confirms that those who write their projects and goals are more likely to achieve them than those who do not. Writing them makes you more aware of what you want to achieve and will help you put the means.

Show that you have the talent; not only write for you but also for others. In what way? You can teach what you have done to someone you know who knows a lot about that sector. That person can believe in you and your ideas and give you an opportunity.

Do you want to know another way to do it? Show that you know about different topics by writing as a freelancer. For that, we recommend using Lowpost ; a platform where you can write about any topic and someone interested can buy your articles. What better way to prove that you are an expert in a sector than by researching and writing about it?

3. Make master’s plansRelated image

In addition to a diploma, we would definitely advise you to contemplate a master’s degree. Once you know a little more about the sector you want to focus on, there is no better way to complete the experience with a specialized mastery in that.

4. Let yourself be guided

It does not hurt to ask for help from someone with contacts or who can help you grow in a new position. Take advantage of your acquaintances and acquaintances of your acquaintances and ask for help from others. You have nothing to lose!

5. CourseraImage result for coursera

Are you looking for a cheaper option? We present Coursera ; is a website where you can find and sign up for a course of your interest taught at the UNAM, for free!

6. Save

But not keeping the money in your mattress. Better, make it grow. Do you want to know how? Invest in kubo.financiero! You can get great returns.

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