Contribution of Loan and Early Retirement

I already have the requirements for the voluntary application and I have confirmation from INPS. I have read that I could join the voluntary until the early retirement is reached, within 5 months. If I do not mature the 42 years and 10 months working I can do it by staying in retirement.

Unlike social, voluntary Application is always compatible with the performance of a work activity. If, therefore, while perceiving the voluntary Application, the reader will continue to work, he may accrue the missing requirements for early retirement , as the contributions deriving from the work activity will be loaned to him.

If, on the other hand, once the voluntary Application has perceived, the reader will stop working, no contribution will be loaned to him: for the periods of perception of the Application, in fact, both voluntary and social, it is not the loaning of the figurative contributions .


Essentially loan

  • in the event that the reader, after receiving the Application, continues to work, the loaning of the contributions will continue, and will thus be able to accrue the requirements for early retirement, so it may cease the application ahead of time;
  • in the event that the reader does not continue to work after receiving the application, he will have to wait until he reaches retirement age, ie the age for old age treatment (from 2019 equal to 67 years) ), as it will no longer be loaned with any contribution.


Voluntary Application

loan for retirement

It should be noted that the voluntary Application allowance is obtained thanks to a bank loan: it must therefore be repaid, once the pension has matured, and involves a penalization on treatment, which corresponds to the installments of the loan, the interest, the cost of insurance compulsory against the risk of premorence and the contribution to the solidarity fund. However, the worker can benefit from a tax loan, which reduces the pension cut.

In any case, considering the penalty on the pension that the voluntary Application determines, and considering also that, according to what the reader reports, the months missing for the accrual of the requirement for early retirement are only 5, unless there are serious reasons, or the impossibility to continue the activity, to enjoy a full check it would be preferable to avoid the request of the Application.