Loans for bad credit -Online finance companies for bad credit: money for you

Online finance companies for bad credit: easy money for you 

Thanks to content it is already possible to request a bad credit loan online.  

Now, those who are in the Credit financial institutions database can get financing.

Credit financial institutions are the main list of defaulters in Spain, but not the only one. There are also others like RAI, with the same characteristics. On our website, you can request mini-credits with Credit financial institutions and RAI interchangeably.

The debts for which a user could be registered in these files are of a very different nature and amount. Sometimes, the debt does not respond to economic hardship but a disagreement between the utility and the customer.

These listings are a useful tool for these companies when the time comes to formalize a contract or credit with the customer. Being part of this list will transfer distrust to the company and, therefore, will be reluctant to accept the request.

No law prevents a company from formalizing a service provision contract to a person who is present in a list of delinquents. Therefore, Minilonia can grant a mini-credit with Credit financial institutions fast and direct.

The only limitation we establish is that the debt for which the customer has been registered in the delinquent file is not financial debt. That is, you do not have unpaid installments with banks or other lenders. Our website is committed to the responsible use of personal mini-credits.

The user must choose an amount and payment date. Fill out a form and wait for your data to be verified to receive the ok and the money in the account.

Here are some of the most important features of our services:

  • Amount to request: Between $ 50 and $ 300.
  • If the customer demonstrates responsible behavior, mainly with compliance with delivery deadlines, the maximum limit may be extended in the future.
  • Payment date: Web sample allows you to select a period of between 5 and 31 days.
  • This does not prevent that extensions can be processed in case of unforeseen events in relation to these online mini-credits with Credit financial institutions.

Can you ask for mini-credits with Credit financial institutions and without payroll?

Yes, you can request mini-credits with Credit financial institutions and without payroll at Minilonia. Any source of income can be valid to access our financing. Provided that stable, habitual, demonstrable, legal and able to return the credit. Meet our fast mini-credits with Credit financial institutions!

  • Be the owner of a bank account, since the client will receive the money in it.
  • Older than 18 years old.
  • Be Spanish, or have a valid residence permit.