Ranking of payday loans


The best offers of payday loans in July 2016. The offers presented below are not only one of the best, but also undoubtedly one of the most interesting non-bank loans on the Polish market at the moment.

Quick payday payday

Quick payday payday

  • The amount from 500 PLN to 5,000 PLN
  • For up to 30 days
  • 100% online award process
  • The first one for free up to PLN 1,500

Ogólna ocena Submit an application

APRC for the first free loan is 0%, for the next 1983.10%.

This is one of the newest companies currently operating on the Polish financial market. Unfortunately, this offer may not be too attractive for both new and regular customers, but it has something that makes it stand out from other companies. First of all, the Gerandas Loan company focuses primarily on the wide availability of payday loans.

Adults can apply for a loan at Gerandas Loan with a minimum of formalities. In addition, it is worth emphasizing that the company is proud of the fact that after passing a positive verification, the customer receives the requested cash within a few minutes to the bank account indicated in the application.

The company has loans for up to PLN 5,000 for regular customers.

Pleras loan

money cash

Here, we also have a very attractive offer addressed to customers who have only now decided to take advantage of the company’s offer for the first time. Under the first loan, you can borrow up to PLN 3,000 for up to 30 days, while paying only PLN 10.

Interesting is also the proposition for regular customers of Loan Pleras, who with subsequent loans can not only reach for loans of up to PLN 10,000, they can also extend the repayment period up to 45 or 65 days.

  • The amount up to PLN 100 to PLN 6,000
  • Loan up to 45 days
  • 100% confidentiality
  • Quick processing of the application

APRC for the first free loan is 0%, for the next 1900.44% (representative example).

Extra Cash Loan

money cash

This is an extremely interesting and attractive offer, especially for people who have never used the services of this company. What is the attractiveness of the offer? Well, new customers can borrow up to PLN 2,000 completely without any additional fees, not only for a period of 30 days but even for 45 days.

This means that if we are using the Extra Portfel offer for the first time, as part of the first loan we can get up to PLN 2,000 with a 45-day repayment period, without incurring any fees. To become an Extra Cash Loan customer you must be at least 21 years old, have an active mobile phone and bank account to which the loan will be transferred.

This is another novelty on the non-bank loans market. It allows installment loans for a period of 8 months to 2 years, allows loans up to the amount of even PLN 5,000. It is intended for people aged 20 to 80 who do not have a negative credit history in BIK, KRD, BIG InfoMonitor and others who have a stable source of income.