Until when can I cancel my car insurance?

Wednesday, 13.07.16, written by Anja Schlicht

For motor insurance, the period from October to November is considered an alternating season. During this time, studies often show how large the price margins in motor insurance are. Between the most expensive and the cheapest car insurance are often several hundred euros. But until when can you cancel your car insurance?


Cancel car insurance: There are different deadlines

Many drivers are uncertain every year and ask themselves: Until when can I cancel my car insurance ? Especially if you can save money with a change of car insurance, it is important to submit the termination on time. Otherwise, another insurance year threatens the old, more expensive provider. Various studies, such as the Institute of Insurance, show that there are huge price differences in motor insurance . Who is insured in the most expensive tariff, can save on average 1,338 euros, if he decides on the cheapest car insurance. Even motorists who have a car insurance with average contributions can save up to 59 percent with a car insurance change.

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Until when can you cancel the car insurance?

But until when can you now cancel the car insurance. As a rule , the contracts run annually . Therefore, they will automatically be renewed on January 1 for another insurance year. In order to terminate the motor insurance on time, insured persons must observe the notice period of one month . In other words, anyone wishing to travel on Germany’s roads in 2018 with cheaper or better car insurance must cancel their old contract by 30 November 2017 . Exceptions, however, exist through the special right of termination .

Subcontracting contracts do not extend to January 1, but to another date. Here motorists learn by looking at the insurance documents the due date.

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Important: Cancel car insurance on time

For a timely termination, it is advisable not to decide at the last moment for a change. Anyone who compares fares early on can take their time looking for a new insurer and prepare the letter of termination. Current car insurance test winners help to find providers with top rates . Even satisfied insureds often make a comparison of how much their individual savings potential is.

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Special termination: Is a termination of the motor insurance even after 30.11. possible?

Under certain circumstances, insured persons can cancel their car insurance even after the expiration of the regular notice period . As contributions increase, customers have the right to extraordinary termination . You can then go to another provider after November 30th. Due to the special right of termination , drivers will have one month to change insurers after receiving their premium . The termination should refer to the contribution adjustment.

Cancel Car Insurance: Samples facilitates termination

If consumers opt for the change of insurance only at the last minute, they have to hurry up. If the termination is not on time on November 30th, the insurer has a problem. In order to waste no time with the letter of termination , there is a pattern for canceling the car insurance. Motorists need only add a little information and the cancellation can be printed out. In the best case, they send them by registered mail to the insurer, so that the letter arrives punctually.


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