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BHUBANESWAR: The economic crimes wing of the state crime branch on Friday arrested the director of a Delhi-based bogus company for deceiving people in Odisha out of crores of rupees using a dodgy loan application.
Nitin Mallik, director of Good Start Business Services Pvt Ltd, was arrested at Hari Nagar police station area in West Delhi. Mallik is illegally operating the lending app, called Kredit Gold, which is suspected to be run by a group of Chinese nationals.
This follows the Bureau of Immigration issuing a surveillance circular against a Chinese national in another such loan application fraud, the Koko Loan application case, following a request from the EOW state.
“We found the links of an international gang, specifically a group of Chinese nationals, with the Kredit Gold Loan app. Mallik will be interrogated to get more information about the Chinese gang,” JN Pankajdeputy inspector general of the EOW, said.
What aroused the suspicions of the police was the similarity in the modus operandi of the two dodgy loan apps – Kredit Gold and Koko loan. Although not authorized by the Reserve Bank of India, Kredit Gold still offers small loan amounts instantly without much verification.
Shakti Prasad Dasha resident of Bhubaneswar, recently downloaded the app and applied for a loan of Rs 9,000. He immediately got the loan and the money was credited to his account.
“Within four days of receiving the money, Dash started receiving messages to refund Rs 15,627. He received abusive calls and threatening messages from different mobile numbers, which were attributed to Good Start Business Pvt. Ltd of which Mallik is the director,” Pankaj said.
When Dash downloaded the loan app, the scammers gained access to his contacts and started sending them obscene messages and photos calling him a “rapist”. Their intention was to pressure and humiliate Dash in front of his acquaintances into agreeing to pay the extortion money.
“Many incriminating documents such as a Chinese national’s passport, a copy of an agreement for virtual space, contractual agreements between Chinese people and some private telecommunications service providers, WhatsApp chats and emails and several abusive text messages intended for those on loan were recovered from Mallik. We will arrest the other gang members soon,” Pankaj said.


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