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Mumbai: A 38-year-old car loan collector from Chembur has filed a complaint with Deonar Police, alleging that she was harassed by loan application collectors by turning her photos.

Although the offense was committed earlier this year, police took their official statement on Tuesday, after which an FIR was filed against an unidentified accused. The complainant, in her statement, said that in February this year her father suffered a paralytic stroke and she was in desperate need of money for treatment. With no other option, she searched online for loan apps and found Credit Wallet, which she installed on her phone. She borrowed 9000, which was credited to his account within 15 minutes of his request. She was supposed to repay the loan in seven days.

“On the sixth day itself, the victim started receiving calls and WhatsApp messages from nine different numbers, demanding a refund. She told the caller she couldn’t do it and the number of calls increased. Soon the caller started making threats and within days the victim started getting calls from her relatives as well as other people on her contact list saying they were getting lewd pictures of her on WhatsApp,” a Deonar officer said. police station.

The victim then checked the footage herself and found that her face had been transformed into lewd images of other women. She tried to call back all the numbers she had received the threatening calls from, but the numbers were no longer in use. At the same time, the victim’s boss began to receive calls, telling him that the woman had borrowed 9000 and refused to refund. The harassment got so bad that the victim finally took out the SIM card.

The victim then wrote an email to the state Women’s Commission and also submitted a request to the Deonar police. Based on her request, the police called her on Wednesday for investigation and recorded her statement.

“We recorded the FIR and are obtaining details of all the numbers from which she had received the calls and messages, as well as the numbers which were used to circulate obscene photographs, so that we could trace their location and make advance the investigation. Other investigative methods are also used,” said Senior Police Inspector Rajesh Kewale of Deonar Police Station.

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