#BehindtheCampaign: Bain’s Whiskey TVC – Remastering a Masterpiece


The passion of Bain’s Master Whiskey Distiller, Andy Watts, and his goal of challenging traditional perceptions around whiskey are the inspiration behind the latest Bain’s Whiskey #WhiskyRemastered TVC.

Source: Bath Whiskey Bath Whiskey Bain’s Whiskey #WhiskyRemastered TVC aims to reinvent Miriam Makeba’s classic song, Pata Pata

This resonated with strategic digital marketing consultancy, Hoorah, the agency behind TVC. The strategic digital marketing consultancy was tasked with creating a campaign for the brand that would be relevant to a new and broader consumer audience.

The idea the campaign is based on is curiosity fueled by experimentation, as Bain’s audience loves to experiment and try new things.

A brave idea

“The brand’s core values ​​of curiosity and experimentation gave us an ideal platform to create something special,” said Hoorah co-founder Shaune Jordaan.

“It’s a brave idea that needed to be treated with credibility and authenticity, especially when working with some of South Africa’s icons. The idea challenges the status quo of what whiskey drinkers should be and sits perfectly within our consumers and the concept of remastering,” he explains.

Mastery Remastered is the creative idea that powers the concept. “This is based on how Bain’s is remastering whiskey making. Creative interpretation is how we take this concept with the added layer of curiosity and experimentation and align it with consumer interest in music. explains Jordaan.

A metaphor for remastering

“The music was used as a metaphor for remastering, taking a traditional yet iconic song and then reinterpreting it for a current audience. It underscores that Bain’s is for everyone and doesn’t have to be a traditional whiskey drinker to appreciate it,” he adds. .

The new TV builds on Hoorah’s former TVC for Bain’s, whiskey in musicwith music the mainstay of advertising.

Thinking about the seed of the idea, the Hoorah team sought out a South African musical virtuoso with an iconic song. “The challenge was to find a way to remaster the music while creating something visually outstanding,” says Jordaan.

Few tracks in the South African playbook have a more immediately identifiable intro than Miriam Makeba’s. Pata Pata and so the germ took root and the creative process began.


TVC uses AI, CGI and advanced sound technology to recreate a performance by Miriam Makeba from Pata Pata.

In the TVC, the song’s unmistakable opening bars switch to the remastered version. In collaboration with Robin Kohl of Kohlworx as well as the Miriam Makeba Foundation, Hoorah called on Sama’s winning contemporary artists, musician Sun-EL and Msaki, who brought a modern twist to the song, while showing a deep respect for the original version.

Combining music with a complex process to bring Mama Africa back to life required a body double and the transposition of mapped images of Makeba’s face onto that of the actress.

Take time

“There were so many elements that we had to get just to keep the integrity of the original song when really the whole point of the exercise was to remaster it, so we really took our time with the project. “, explains Jordaan.

“It was important to us that the final product convey the authenticity of the artist and the song, and of course, most importantly, that of the Bain’s Whiskey brand,” he adds.


  • Client: Distell
  • First flight date: August 15, 2022
  • Agency: Hoorah Digital
  • Director of Customer Service: Anine De Wet
  • Account Manager: Jessica Cloete
  • Executive Creative Director: Marco Russolillo
  • Executive Creative Director: Gavin Wood
  • Editor: Paige Nick, Eeden Eekers
  • Artistic Director: Karin Barry
  • Agency Producer: Chris Coetzee
  • Director: Zwelethu Radebe
  • Director of photography: Jason Adey
  • Production co-artistic director: Keenan McAdam
  • Stylist: Gabrielle Zarandah
  • Production Co-Producer: Kerry Hosford
  • Executive Producer: Colin Howard
  • Publishing company and city: Me&My Friends, Cape Town
  • Editor: Anthony Lee Martin
  • Co & post-production city: BlackGinger, Cape Town
  • Music and music publisher: Msaki & Sun-El Musician, remaster of Pata Pata by Miriam Makeba
  • Sound design and mixing: TigerFight

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