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NEW DELHI: A Survey of the Chinese loan application racket revealed that the Chinese nationals and their arrested accomplices siphoned off around Rs 3,000 crore through this racket.

The racket was mainly operated by Zixia Zhang and Luo Rong. Additionally, cops also zeroed in on two other suspects whose claimed identities are Zoya and Kobe Bryant. The cops have their passport details etc. and are trying to locate them.
According to DCP KPS ​​Malhotra, analysis of forensic and detailed Internet Protocol records revealed that millions of terabytes of user data were transmitted to servers based in China and Hong Kong. IP addresses and money routes were also found to be located in China. “The applications were hosted from AWS and Ali Baba servers, which are hosted in India but do not meet US corporate standards,” DCP Malhotra added.

The whole racket operated in a corporate-like organization – the network was headed by a director, followed by a group of managers. Three team leaders led teams of callers who extorted money from people. Callers were hired by the human resources division and a few used to manage racketeering finances. A module worked on providing WhatsApp numbers.
According to police, these apps enticed users to borrow at lower interest rates and even promised a 90-day interest-free period. However, after giving the loan amount, they started charging a much higher interest rate on a daily basis.
“At the time of downloading the app, it requested permission to capture the contact list, photo gallery and other personal data from the loan seeker’s phone. As soon as the permission was granted by the loan applicant, all his data was transferred to Chinese servers,” DCP Malhotra added.
A team used to track loan seekers and after a day they started calling loan seekers and relatives, friends, others using different mobile numbers to request payment. They also started sharing vulgar transformed photos of loan seekers with their family members, relatives and friends to intimidate the victims into paying more and more money.
According to the police investigation, the members of this union worked in three modules. The first was the finance team, the other was the technical group while the third was the recovery module. The technical team developed the loan application.
After trapping the victims, they sent their details to the recovery module which, after dry-processing the victim, passed the baton to their finance team who then transferred the money to China. Not only money, but people’s data was also transferred directly to Chinese servers, the investigation found.

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