Harassed by loan app ‘sharks’, Chennai youth commits suicide


CHENNAI: Harassment by loan app ‘sharks’, Chennai youth commits suicide – Yes, a 23-year-old software worker from Chennai allegedly committed suicide on Tuesday, October 4, after allegedly being harassed by app operators loan even after dues have been paid.

Narendran was found in his bedroom, hanging from the ceiling. According to MGR Nagar Police, the family of the deceased said that even after repaying the 33,000 rupees he borrowed from the loan app, he continued to be harassed by the owners of the app.

According to the police, Narendran borrowed Rs 50,000 from his family and repaid the loan request, but even after that the operators demanded another Rs 3,3000 and verbally threatened and abused him.

His friends and family received notifications from loan app operators telling them he hadn’t paid back their money.

According to an official from MGR Nagar Police Station, they are looking at many loan applications that were discovered on his phone.

In Tamil Nadu, a number of people have been subjected to harassment and extortion by loan application providers.
Dr. S. Ramadoss, the head of the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), has urged the government to retaliate harshly against the operators of bad loan applications.

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