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HYDERABAD/VIJAYAWADA: Digital loan sharks, who set deadly traps for the gullible by securing confidential data and photographs to harass and blackmail them, have pushed two borrowers to the brink, forcing them to commit suicide. While a 25-year-old mine worker and resident of Godavarikhani threw himself in front of a speeding train after his morphed nude photos with unknown women were leaked online, the thrill couldn’t be missed when a 24-year-old housewife from Guntur recorded chilling video of his ordeal before hanging himself from a large billboard on Monday night.
Family members of the Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) superman, D Prashantcomplained of being harassed by loan sharks even after his death.

Cutlery set Guntur, Bandrapalli PratyushaThe harrowing video of was handed over to the police. A suspicious death case has been recorded by Ramagundam Railway Police after Prashant’s body was recovered from the tracks early on Sunday.
In the selfie video, Pratyusha said that she took a loan of Rs 20,000 from an instant loan app and was continuously harassed for repayment. “I was getting threatening calls that my makeover nude photos would be sent to my relatives. I paid the loan amount but the app admins sent messages to relatives asking for more money. gave 7 hours on Monday to pay or face the consequences. I don’t want to live in ignominy and beg my husband’s forgiveness,” she said in the video. Her husband, Rajashekar, is a project manager at Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation.
On Monday morning, Pratyusha went to the terrace, recorded the video of the selfie on her phone, then hung herself from a high fence in the building. The police registered a case and opened an investigation. PA Women’s Commission Chairman Vasireddy Padma sent a missive to the DGP on Tuesday, ordering it to take strict action against violators. She also asked the police to approach Google Play stores and remove the lending apps.
SCCL superman, D Prashant, who lost money in online gambling, had borrowed Rs 60,000 from a loan application a few months ago. When he failed to repay, he began to face harassment. His transformed nude photos with unknown women were circulated among his family and friends. The loan officers also called Prashant’s parents and abused them, Godavarikhani police said.
Shocked by the turn of events, Prashant disappeared on July 7. “Two days later, he took his own life by jumping in front of a train between Ramagundam and Raghavapur stations. the case for us, we will take statements from family members and take legal action,” Godavarikhani Town Inspector G Ramesh Babu said.
On July 3, a female technician, Jasti Swetha, committed suicide in Lake Chillakallu in Jaggayyapet mandal of NTR district in AP after falling prey to cybercrime.

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