Hyderabad man allegedly kills himself due to harassment by loan application officers


Family members reportedly told police that debt collectors called the victim’s friends and family and told them he had defaulted on his loan.

A firefighter is believed to have died by suicide in Hyderabad after being harassed for paying back money borrowed from online loan app organizers, Railway Police announced on Tuesday July 19. The body of Sudhakar, 33, was found on the tracks near a railway line. train station on Tuesday, police said. During the investigation, it was discovered that the firefighter, who worked at a fire station in Hyderabad, had taken out loans from instant loan apps but was unable to repay them due to financial problems, police added.

According to family members of the deceased firefighter, enforcement officers harassed and abused him for not returning the money and also sent messages to his contacts, including relatives, describing him as a loan defaulter due to which he committed suicide, a police officer said. The body of the firefighter was found on the train tracks near Shivarampally station, according to The Times of India.

He was identified as a firefighter working with Telangana State Disaster Response and Fire Services and assigned to Chandulal Baradari Fire Station, the New Indian Express reported. According to reports, members of Sudhakar’s family said loan collectors sent messages to Sudhakar’s friends and family saying he was in default. They also said officers also called and abused them. A case was registered under Article 174 of the CrPC (Code of Criminal Procedure).

Many such cases have come to light lately, where loan apps lure people in by offering quick and easy loans with high interest rates and processing fees, but debt collectors then resort to various forms of harassment, including calling people on the contact list of the person who borrowed the money and sharing personal information with those contacts. There have also been instances where recovery agents have threatened to turn images of victims into nude photographs and share them with family members and others on their contact list.

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