Illegal Lending Enforcement Case: Surveillance Circular Issued Against 3 Chinese Scammers


Bhubaneswar: At the request of the Economic Offenses Wing (EOW), Bhubaneswar, the Bureau of Immigration (BOI) has issued a surveillance circular against three Chinese nationals. They have been identified as Shen Zhenhua alias Tony Of Jiangsu, China, Quan Hongwei alias Paul Of Jiangsu, China and Yang Haiying alias Doris Of Sichuan, China.

“These three accused Chinese nationals are the mastermind and principal defendant in EOW PS Case No.13 dt.02.07.2022 u/s294/384/420/467/468/471/120-B IPC, r/w Sec .66(D) IT Act, 2000 (2nd illegal loan app case investigated by EOW) related to running illegal digital loan apps.There are more than 1 lakh victims of Kredit Gold Loan APP across the country, including many from Odisha,” the EOW said in a press release.

Evidence suggests they run a similar scam in five countries: Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. They also have ties in the United States and Hong Kong. They are expanding their financial criminal network into African and Middle Eastern countries. They are operating in India in collusion with many shell companies mainly named and referred to as “M/s Goodstart Business private limited, M/s Rightstart Business private limited” etc. The Indians are appointed administrators of these companies. They also take the help of some unscrupulous managers of mobile phone companies, accountants/company secretaries, fintech companies, debt collectors/call centers, etc.

Evidence suggests that these defendants, along with other Chinese groups, run hundreds of illegal digital loan apps and extort/abuse/mentally torture hundreds of thousands of innocent, mostly lower-middle class Loanees.

Earlier in this case, EOW arrested defendant Nitin Mallik, director of Good Start Business Services Pvt. ltd. on 13.07.2022 from Hari-Nagar police station in New Delhi. Upon his arrest, the accused was brought before the Metropolitan Chief Magistrate’s Court, Tis-Hazari Court, New Delhi and was brought to Bhubaneswar on remand for his production before the Honorable SDJM, Bhubaneswar. The Court granted EOW four days of pre-trial detention. Nitin Malik is the close collaborator and henchman of the Chinese bosses. He used to receive a huge salary/commission for his work.

EOW will direct INTERPOL through the appropriate channel for the extradition of these criminals to India and will also alert law enforcement in other affected countries. EOW has already written twice to Google to remove illegal lending apps from its Play Store.

In addition, the EOW also asked RBI to impress Google for the early removal of illegal loan applications. Additionally, EOW has requested the Registrar of Companies to investigate and take action against the alleged shell companies. EOW is also in contact with other law enforcement agencies to take necessary action against these scammers, the press release said.

Reviews of Illegal Loan Apps

In order to contain these types of crimes and raise public awareness, the public are hereby advised/requested not to borrow unregistered/illegal lending apps available on the internet and playstore as lending apps under the guise to advance a loan, access/hack all customer phone information, which can then be used by the company to perpetrate another financial crime. These loan apps also harass the customer by not only charging high interest but also for non-repayment and harassing the customer by sending obscene and processed pornographic photographs and indecent depictions of the customers to their contact list .

Thus, in case of non-repayment of the loan, the consequences must be borne not only by the client but also by his family members and friends/contacts. Many times the money is also credited right after downloading the APP without actually requesting/requesting money.

In some states, many people have committed suicide by being permanently blackmailed/humiliated by the debt collectors of these illegal loan APPs. Not only the borrowers but also their family members are also harassed. All are advised to avoid downloading/using these illegal lending apps.

Even if someone has already downloaded/borrowed, they should not give up/tolerate the abusive/harassing/torture behavior, but rather report the matter to the police. And under no circumstances should they take extreme measures like committing suicide.


  • Please do not give your documents to open bank accounts to be operated by someone else and do not allow anyone to use your SIM card to be used by someone else. These things can be used for illegal purposes.
  • Please do not surrender to the abusive / torturous methods of the debt collectors of these loan application companies. Report the matter to the local police.

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