Loan App Harassment.. Mancharyala Vasi Suicide SEXI News


Unable to bear the harassment of the loan application, many people commit suicide. If they take a finger… They harass them to pay lakhs, warning them to share personal business with others, not knowing who to tell… They sacrifice their lives. No matter how aware the police are of cybercrime, incidents do happen here and there. Recently.. Mancharyala Vasi committed suicide because he could not bear the harassment of loan application.
A man named Bommidi Rajendraprasad (35) from Mamidipelli village, Dandepalli mandal in Manchiryala district died after drinking insecticide because he could not bear the harassment from loan application. Upon complaint from family members, the police registered a case and opened an investigation. Online from an application Rs. 50,000, but Rs. A friend of Rajendra Prasad, who committed suicide, revealed that he was harassed to pay 7 lakhs.

He said that if he took money to support his family, he would not only be subjected to physical abuse, but also threatened to share nude photos. Police say he drank insecticide on the 18th while his wife was away. He was immediately transported to a private hospital in Karimnagar, where he died on Saturday while undergoing treatment. He said his wife had complained that action was being taken against the administrators of the loan application. He said a complaint has been registered and an investigation is underway. Nobody suggested the loan applications approach. If necessary, it is advisable to take money from friends and family members. Awareness programs are conducted through cybercrime. They want to approach PS with courage.

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