Maharashtra: Man falls for loan app racket; FIR filed


A 31-year-old medical representative from Kurar in Malad (east) fell prey to a loan application fraud this week where the scammers attempted to extort money from him by threatening to circulate an obscene photo of him with his wife. An FIR was registered by Kurar Police Station on August 11. Incidentally, this is the same police station where a case of incitement to suicide was recorded after Sandeep Korgavkar, 38, died by suicide on May 4 this year due to loan harassment. recovery agents.

The plaintiff told Kurar Police that on August 6, he downloaded “Hugo Loan” from Google Play Store to get a loan. For verification, he submitted his AADHAR card, PAN card, photo, bank details and some other details. He also gave access to his contact list on the phone. The plaintiff did not apply for a loan, suspecting something was wrong, but received Rs 1,100 in his e-wallet. He emailed the company that he never applied for a loan and also called the number given by them. He was told to pay Rs 2,000.

When he refused, they threatened to harass him by sending his doctored photos and defamatory messages to people on his contact list. He paid Rs 1,300 but the fraudsters kept calling him for more money. When he didn’t give in, they sent him a lewd makeover photo of him with his wife. He then approached the Kurar police.

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