Man ends his life ‘harassed’ by loan app organizer


Hyderabad: Alleged harassment by the organizers of an instant online loan app has forced a 35-year-old man to end his life by suicide. Victim Rajesh was found dead in his apartment at Bachupally in Cyberabad. He works as an executive for an online grocery store. Bachupally the police registered a case and opened an investigation.

Police found no suicide note at the scene, but did find a writing board, with writings in Telugu, allegedly written by the victim.

He said he was harassed by organizers as he regularly paid EMIs. “KCR, Modi, it is not enough that you have blocked pornography and online games. Also block these apps (sic),” the advice also read.

The police discovered that the organizers transformed the photos of Rajesh with nude images and distributed them to his contacts and also abused him. While his wife is also aware of the loans he has taken out, it is unclear how much he borrowed and from how many applications, they said.

According to the police, Rajesh from Vijayawada was residing with this woman in Bachupally. Ten days ago, his wife went to their hometown.

On Monday, a delivery man came to Rajesh’s apartment to deliver a package. But as there was no answer, he called the mobile number and Rajesh’s wife answered the call. She tried to call Rajesh but as he was not answering the calls she called the apartment caretaker to check on Rajesh who rushed to the apartment to find Rajesh dead in the apartment and alerted the police.

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