More than just a loan program


More and more farmers in Western Canada are getting involved FarmCash to meet their short-term needs and improve their long-term profitability.

Applications for the program increased by nearly 70 percent in its third year, according to FarmCash COO Syeda Khurram.

“It is a low-cost cash flow and business risk management tool designed to help producers weather unexpected financial storms on their farms.

Syeda Khurram, FarmCash

“We see that producers take advantage of this tool after learning about it. And the trend is on the rise.

FarmCash was designed specifically to help farmers grow their operations, ”said Alberta Wheat Commission Chairman Todd Hames.

“With continuous updates to ensure the program remains relevant in our time, this is a great time to apply and see what FarmCash can do for you.


Covering over 50 products – including all major crops, livestock and honey – FarmCash offers producers quick access up to $ 1 million.

“Farming today is a different activity than it was for previous generations,” says Hames. “Tools like FarmCash can have a big impact on a farm’s profitability, offering flexibility to market crops when prices are most advantageous is just one example.
Producers also gain the flexibility to make valuable investments for their operations, such as equipment, inputs, grain elevators, and buildings.

“It meets their emerging needs as well as their long-term needs,” Khurram said. “It’s an investment tool for producers, which helps them increase the value of their land.

Also, FarmCash provides much-needed cash flow to manage factors such as unforeseen vet bills or extreme weather conditions, or to avoid late payment penalties.

“This is a low-cost business risk management tool designed to enable them to weather unexpected financial storms that would hit their operations,” says Khurram.


FarmCash can also reduce interest charges compared to conventional forms of financing. The first installment of $ 100,000 is interest free with the remainder at a competitive interest rate of TD Prime minus 0.75%.

“At this blended rate, if producers take out a million dollar loan, the interest they would pay would only be 1.52% per annum,” says Khurram.

“These low interest rates allow producers to develop solid farm succession plans through calculated risks and strategic investment decisions, especially when transferring land,” she says.


Administered by the Alberta Wheat Commission, FarmCash Federal loan program was launched in the fall of 2018 for Alberta producers. In March 2021, it became available to growers in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

This year’s fall applications opened on September 1.

“Thanks to FarmCash’s With its flexibility, there really isn’t a bad time of year to consider adding it to your farm’s cash flow planning, ”says Hames.


  • Excellent customer service, with knowledgeable staff and dedicated account managers available by phone or email.
  • No fees to apply.
  • Easy to use online application at
  • Fast application times of three to five working days.

Producers who want to know their eligibility or available products can call 1-855-376-2274 toll-free or by email at [email protected]

FarmCash the financial statements are fully transparent and are presented in the annual report of the Alberta Wheat Commission.

The Advance Payments Program is a federal loan program administered by the Alberta Wheat Commission. It offers Canadian farmers marketing flexibility through interest-free, low-interest cash advances.

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