PA police to seek Interpol’s help in arresting foreign loan app organizers


State police are reportedly seeking Interpol’s assistance in arresting online lending app organizers operating from other countries. Most of the apps were operated from China and racketeering kingpins had been identified, Chief Police Officer (DGP) KV Rajendranath Reddy said.

Game store managements of different organizations, bankers, service providers, app developers and agents would be reserved in cases of loan applications, warned the DGP and called on bank managements to follow and verify the KYC and to carefully monitor suspicious accounts.

Mr Rajendranath Reddy told reporters here on Friday that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had identified that around 600 apps were operating against the rules and had banned 137 apps across the country.

As many as 80 people involved in online loan applications have been arrested in 75 cases in the state over the past year, and efforts were underway to find the remaining defendants. The majority of those arrested were from other states, the DGP explained.

“Most of the online loan applications have been traced to China and other countries. We have identified the fraudsters who exploit the applications by appointing commissionaires in different states. The police will take the help of Interpol to arrest defendants from other counties,” Mr. Rajendranath Reddy said.

Action plan

An action plan had been prepared to expedite the investigation of loan application cases. Cases would be filed against defendants including bankers, service providers, app developers and organizers under IPC Section 384 (Extortion), 406 (Criminal Breach of Trust), 306 (Incitement to suicide) and other charges.

Notices had been served on the management of all the banks. The police commissioners of all the districts organized meetings with the bankers, specified the DGP.

A call center with the number 1930 had been opened to help victims of loan applications. Those who received calls from app organizers were asked to alert the call center.

“The public are requested not to click on unknown links, share photos, documents, bank accounts, Aadhaar numbers and other details. The police are taking all measures to control online fraudsters and victims must not resort to suicide,” the DGP said.

IG Kanthi Rana Tata, DIGs G. Pala Raju and PHD Ramakrishna were among those present.

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