Red Chinese lending app on the prowl, main target of Odisha people

While scrolling through Facebook, a law student came across an ad for a loan app. Out of curiosity, she clicked on the ad.
To avail the loan, she completed the online application and provided full details of her phone number, bank account, Aadhaar number and PAN. No sooner had she registered and provided her details than she received a WhatsApp message.

The message stated that she had taken a loan of Rs 2,000. The sender threatened her to pay the loan. However, she had not received such a loan amount. When she refused to entertain the callers, they started abusing her in Hindi and sent her nonsensical messages.

They threatened to circulate her nude photos. While she was still not moving, the scammers transformed vulgar nude photos and sent them to all her WhatsApp contacts including her family, friends and relatives.

“They started making indecent and dirty calls. They demanded money and threatened to transform my photos and circulate them in my contact list. When I wasn’t sending them money, they turned into pictures and passed them around,” the victims’ law student said.

Running out of options, the law student contacted the Cuttack Cyber ​​Police and filed a complaint about it.

This is not an isolated case. On the contrary, several people from Odisha and other parts of India in recent times have fallen prey to these high end cyber crimes. Fraudsters scam gullible people out of hundreds of crores.

Another girl from Cuttack took Rs 1,000 on one of these apps. But, the crooks defrauded him of Rs 80,000.
These scams target people who seek loans through these fake Chinese-run loan apps available on the Play Store. There are many such fake apps on play store.

As soon as people click on these apps and register, all their data is transferred to the Chinese servers. Soon the fraudsters are using the data to harass and blackmail the person.

To make matters worse, scammers extort money from loan seekers even after repaying the loans. They share vulgar transformed photos of loan seeker with families, relatives and friends to pressure victims to pay more.

The scammers are mainly based in China, Hong Kong, Dubai and Nepal, according to reports. Recently, police in Odisha and Mumbai issued a watch circular for a Chinese national, Liu Yi, who is believed to be the mastermind behind the extortion.

When contacted, Chandrika Swain, IIC, Cyber ​​Police Station, Cuttack said, “The fraud investigation is ongoing. Many such frauds have been reported in various parts of the country. A preliminary investigation reveals that these applications are operated by Chinese scammers.

“My request to ordinary Internet users is not to click on unknown links that pass through WhatsApp. Avoid any kind of instant loan apps, if you come across them on social media.”

Similarly, Dilip Tripathy, EOW, SP said, “They were operating from the China-Nepal border. At least 190 people, including Chinese nationals, have been arrested. However, Brain Liu Yi managed to escape.

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