REVIEW: The OKash loan app is plagued with poor customer service


To survive the current economic realities, many Nigerians are now dependent on loans. And readily available to meet these growing needs for emergency money, loan apps, which against all odds, have continued to serve the growing army of Nigerians in need of loans.

The OKash loan app owned by Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited is one of the apps offering fast and collateral free loans to many Nigerians today.

OKash says it caters to customers’ financial needs fully online 24/7. The application process takes only a few steps with minimal documentation and the approved loan amount is transferred to the applicant’s bank account. According to the owners of the app, this allows its customers to efficiently access credit anytime, anywhere.

The app offers loans ranging from N3,000 to N500,000 and a repayment plan ranging from 91 days to 365 days. The app claims its interest rate is between 0.1% and 1%, although some customers have reportedly been charged higher rates than that. The company also recently updated the app, noting that the new version provides better user experience with optimized page design and smooth operation of the app.

With over a million downloads on the Google Play Store, there is no doubt that the app is used by many Nigerians. But does the application meet the expectations of its users? How was the experience?

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What users say

For the majority of OKash loan app customers who have reviewed the app on the Google Play Store, a constant complaint is the app’s poor customer service. Here’s what users have to say about their experience:

Esther Olumoye had a problem with her credit limit on the app, but her disappointment was the poor response from the app owners. “My experience with this app has been great. Refunds are easy to process with immediate account updates. But why the sudden drop in credit limit? This has happened about 3 times now. I pay before deadlines. I called customer service separately; nothing was done about it. It’s disheartening,” she says.

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The experience was no different for James Martins, who enjoyed using the app. For him, getting and repaying loans on the app was quite easy, but the customer service was poor, which prompted him to uninstall the app. He said: “Quick payment, easy registration and applying for a loan is simple. Reimbursement is also easy and sometimes you get cleared payment steps when you meet the deadlines of previous steps. My disgust and the main reason for uninstallation was the rudeness of the customer service agents. Sometimes you get a call on or before the due date, and people aren’t afraid to say rubbish. Worse still, they’ll hang up on you. The interest rate is also outrageous.

Another app user, Animashaun Blessing has this to say: “My experience with this app has been great. Easy registration and loan application is simple, and repayment is also easy and simple, but why the lower credit limit? It happens all the time when someone is about to apply for a new loan. I always pay before the due dates, but my credit limit always drops even lower than the previous amount I requested. It’s discouraging. »

Using the OKash loan app wasn’t all rosy for Jamiu Abiona, but his experience was made worse by the app’s customer service. “My experience with this loan app has been very bad. I have made payments above the amount due with the intention of using it in the wallet for other services. It has now been two weeks and my wallet does not hasn’t been credited with the excess amount yet. They don’t respond to my complaints at all, very unprofessional in their approach as the customer service agent hung up on me while filing a complaint about the issue. This is worst loan app i have ever used,” he said.

Another user, who identified himself as Umar, said: “You are now making false promises. Your agents will call you and tell you to pay now even if it is not yet the due date, with the promise that there will be an increase in the loan amount, at a reduced interest rate and of a longer duration. Immediately after payment, the amount is reduced to less than 30k. This is false information and a trick for your customers. This is very, very bad and not a best practice for an organization like yours. It just means that your app cannot be trusted. I’ve never failed but I’m not sure I’ll use you again.

Seemingly confirming that reducing the credit limit for users is a deliberate ploy by the app, another user, Kelechi Joshua Nwankwo, expressed his disappointment at the same issue that other users have complained about. “I am so disappointed in you OKash. You’ve reduced my credit to next to nothing. I paid so early, 2 weeks before my loan due date and instead of increasing my credit, you reduced it. I paid earlier even with the first loan too. Why this?? It’s so messed up. I am completely disappointed and will not be using your app again,” he said.


Although there are no complaints about the functionality of the OKash loan app, unlike others, the owners of the app are losing the trust of their customers due to broken promises. This is compounded by poor customer service, which causes many people to uninstall the app.

Obviously, meeting customer needs isn’t just about having the perfect technology. OKash will need to improve its customer service and keep its promises to gain the trust of its customers.

Nairametrics Rating

Based on user experience and our review of the app, we rate the OKash app 5 out of 10.

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