We Trained To Torture Indian Borrowers Say Nepali Tele-Aggressors


Young Nepalese phone abusers tell midday they were lured into a mobile loan scam with the promise of lucrative marketing jobs

Nepal Police Information Officer DIG Tek Prasad Rai explains the intricacies of the scam to midday correspondent Faizan Khan at police headquarters in Kathmandu

Call centers now bankrupt Nepal who tortured Indian borrowers on instant loan apps hired unsuspecting locals under the guise of marketing their products. Once on board, the Chinese nationals and their Indian associates who ran the show forced employees to make abusive calls and send obscene photos to borrowers, former employees said at midday. Fluency in Hindi was the most important requirement for the jobs.

This correspondent met some former employees of the Tinkune call center in Kathmandu which was raided last week. All requested anonymity as they feared action by the police. Nepali police, who acted on a series of midday reports, have so far arrested 190 people, including 5 Chinese nationals and two Indians, after raiding three call centers, two in Kathmandu and one in Butwal of Rupandehi district.

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A call center has been dismantled at this location in Tinkune, Kathmandu
A call center has been dismantled at this location in Tinkune, Kathmandu

A Nepali man who spent 6 months at the call center said he had no idea about the recovery activity when he arrived. The former employee said he came across job postings at Sky World Service Center, which operated the Tinkune call center, and applied for a job. Two Indian nationals took his interview and they also communicated with a Chinese national, the head of the call center.

“I was asked if I could speak Hindi. The entire interview was conducted in Hindi. Once convinced, they told me that they give loans to Indian nationals through various applications and that I should call the borrowers for collection. I was a little surprised as I was told the call center was for marketing and promotional purposes,” the former staff member said.

‘Polished only for 2-3 days’

The former employee made courteous calls asking customers to pay for 2-3 days before the work took a new tangent. “The manager and the group leader told us ‘this is not the way to get the money back, you have to be very tough otherwise people won’t pay back’. They asked me to use abusive language, which I refused at first, but they told me that I would not receive my salary if I did not comply. I had no choice but to follow their order. After a month, I learned that there were several groups formed to only abuse Indian loan application borrowers.

Tinkune call center premises could accommodate 1,200 employees
Tinkune call center premises could accommodate 1,200 employees

The former employee said: ‘I also did similar training, but after a few months I quit as it was illegal and got another job. During my work. I have seen various employees leave their jobs because of this, but there are also people who stayed there and harassed Indian nationals. There is a department that transformed borrowers’ photographs and sent them to their contacts. Everything was stored in software that had no name. We just got a link and had to enter the system using the login ID and password given to us. »

“5 to 8 targeted borrowers per day”

Another Nepali national who worked on call said he stayed there for a month just to collect his salary. “They trick us saying it’s for marketing purposes but later they trick us with salvage fees on top of salary. Most of the employees were paid between 30,000 and 35,000 Nepalese rupees and 1,000 rupees as commission on achieving the daily collection target which was around 50,000 rupees per day. We used to make hundreds of calls to at least 5-8 borrowers.

The Nepal Police Headquarters in KathmanduThe Nepal Police Headquarters in Kathmandu

This correspondent met another employee who worked at the Tinkune call center until the day the police raided the premises. He didn’t talk much about the operation of the call center saying he was afraid of being arrested. But he identified the calls made to the Indian victims after Midday played him their recordings. “Yes, these calls were made from our call center and we used to collect money from Indian borrowers.”

“Bad for those who stayed”

Speaking at midday on the modus operandi of call centers, DIG Tek Prasad Rai, Nepal Police Information Officer, said he recorded statements from arrested Nepali employees.

“It is true that they were tricked and lured into working in the call centers saying it was for promotion and marketing purposes, but later they were told about the loan collection and their illegal means of targeting Indian nationals. Some of them quit their jobs, while others continued to work there and they will be prosecuted according to law,” the senior police officer said.

50,000 rupees
Center Agent Daily Collection Goal

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